Get Fit Kit™

Get Fit Kit™

Natural Wellbeing Survival Kit™ ~ Ayurvedic Health Kit

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Get Fit Kit 

What's your best shape? You decide! This Kit can help to give you the shape and health you want to achieve. It can help to lose weight, detoxify the body and simply keep your body fit and healthy.


This Kit includes: Chyawanprash, Re-Energise Herbal Tea, Get Fit Herbal Food Mix, Re-Energise Massage oil, a guideline how to use the products for maximum benefit and a Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag

“I would definitely recommend a wellbeing kit for a gift with a difference, especially for those who enjoy alternative exercises such as yoga and complimentary therapies. The kit is a great way to embrace the whole concept, and a good starting point for those who may not know where to begin. I would personally buy a wellbeing set again and definitely the Chyawanprash!”
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Quantity 300g
Ingredients Chyawanprash, Re-Energise Herbal Tes, Re-Energise Massage Oil, Get Fit Herbal Food Mix, a guidline how to use the products for maximum benefit and a Complimentary Ayurveda Pura Cotton Bag
Benefits • Chyawanprash: A natural Ayurvedic rejuvinative health tonic and a natural antidote to the stresses of modern life, which is carefully made using a special selection of as many as 47 high quality, natural ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices, including Amla (Indian Gooseberry), one of the most potent sources of Vitamin C. • Re-energise Ayurvedic Herbal Tea: is a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, hand selected from around the world. It helps to gently but effectively boost your energy levels, uplift your mood and remove toxins and any excess water from the body. It also helps to balance theKapha (water & earth) Dosha and is suitable for all body types, persons and ages. • Get Fit Mix: Triphala is known for its detoxifying and cleansing qualities. It helps to stimulate the metabolism and helps to get rid of toxins. Guggul which is also known as a scraping herb in Ayurveda helps to strengthen the digestive fire, melt the toxins and scrape away excess tissue from the body
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